Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The past two weeks

Stacy lives in a Warden Assisted block of flats, or apartments as they now call them in England.  The Brits are taking all our terms now and just using them.  And so says this Yank!

Almost two weeks ago one of the Wardens at the flats where Stacy is in Bushey Heath, Beverley, was passing Stacy's flat (look I live in England where they have always been called Flats) when she heard noises and rang the bell but there was no answer, so she used her key to gain entry.  Stacy was sort of in her bed talking absolute gibberish.  We were called and went to the local hospital to find out what was happening, this was on Thursday the whatever of November - not last Thursday but the one before.

We got there and the only things coming out of her mouth were gobbledy gook!  What Stacy thought she was saying and what she was saying were two completely different things.  But she seemed to get worse and harder for the doctor and nurses to deal with whilst we were there.  So we left on their instructions.  We went and bought her a new dressing gown (bathrobe) because she had burnt a hole in the new one we bought in August and had some lunch (I think), but I know we just stayed in Watford for around an hour or so.  

We went back again and she was in the Resuscitation Ward which scared us silly (I would use a word like shit here but it might offend some people so I won't).

They next day she was moved to AAU which stands for Acute Admissions Unit and was in a ward, still not being understand.  By this time they had taken bloods etc and now moved her to a single room because they weren't sure if she was having a Crohns attack or not and just to be careful in case it was an infection they thought as she was being so sick etc. she would be better on her own.  The doctors ascertained she was having a Crohns attack so more steroids were intravenously administered and she had a chest infection so they also gave her intravenous antibiotics for the next week and she got remarkably better. So they moved her to the Crohn's Ward. All was going swimmingly until last Saturday, when she had been in for over a week, and Stacy said she really didn't feel well.  She said she was getting pins and needles all over her body and everything was sort of tingling.

On Sunday, when she felt worse, they did more blood tests and an ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) and found out Stacy was lacking in oxygen and her level was down to around 82 instead of the 98 it was supposed to be.  From the blood tests they found she was lacking in various minerals that one needs to live. Stacy now had two cannulas, one in each arm with two or three on each, and was given oxygen by that nose thing you see on TV, calcium, potassium and magnesium because these were the things she was lacking in her body. What a nightmare to be honest.

Stacy this past Sunday
The lack of oxygen was from the PVOD and they performed an ECG and kept her on a heart monitor for two days.  This really scared us witless and I really thought it was the end last Sunday.

Thankfully, however, by Monday she was feeling a lot better and the scare, this time, stopped.  However she was still tingling and had pins and needles all over and this was due to lack of calcium still.  She is now under an Endocrinologist, this relates to the Endocrinology Unit at Hammersmith, but in the meantime before we get back to Hammersmith next week, she has been assigned one by Watford General.

So that's all that has been happening.  Not fun but hey nobody ever said that life was meant to be fun.  

Until next time

Pat xxx 

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