Tuesday 8 December 2015

Stacy is still in Watford General

What more can I say?  It will be three weeks on Thursday minus the day she was sent home.  She is fed up being in there and I've run out of things to tell her or say to her - boring old fart I am.

The only thing I have to tell you is that her father, also known as my husband, is ill too.  So I guess we won't be going there tomorrow.

I have started up a Bucket List on my Pinterest Board which I am totally addicted to and I have on there all kinds of stuff like cooking and cross stitch and quilting and baking and now Stacy's Bucket List which only has one thing on it and that is a cruise liner.

Stupid me when I started the CrowdFunding page I never even thought of how much the insurance would be for her with everything that is wrong with her.

When we went away last year there was not so much wrong with her. Certainly she had Crohns, and Avascular Necrosis (that's where there is no blood getting to her hips so she needs new ones), Insulin dependent Diabetes and Fibromyalgia (have to buy those Gingerbread Thins from M&S - I was in there today and bought her fruit but forgot the Gingerbread Thins) which were the main things wrong with her then but this Pulminary Hypertension thing (PVOD) is a whole new ballgame because it is terminal.  But it has to be declared along with everything else.

I never include Larry & my illnesses because let's face it neither is life threatening and if he has a hypo because of his diabetes it's no big deal he just takes these tablets that taste like that horrible sweet drink that I can't spell but it looks a sort of orangey yellow colour and is vile - but he likes it.  With my MS nothing is going to happen and if it does so be it I treat it with the contempt it deserves.

So that's all for today and I guess we won't be seeing Stacy or the children tomorrow either.  Saw all of them on Sunday and oh yes I'm going to collect Lily (12) from school tomorrow because she is practicing for her play after school.  But I can't look after the two little ones on my own, wish I could.  

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