Thursday, 3 December 2015

Stacy is in Watford General AGAIN

Watford General Hospital is a 521-bed acute District General Hospital in Watford, Hertfordshire, operated by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust along with Hemel Hempstead General Hospital in Hemel ... Wikipedia
Stacy was released from hospital Tuesday afternoon.  Yesterday afternoon Larry (her dad and my DH) went and picked up the medicines they didn't have ready yesterday from Watford General Hospital.  No big deal honestly because she has so much medication it is totally untrue.

Then when he got home we got a call from the the Warden Assisted block of flats that she lives in to say Stacy wasn't responding again - all I can say is thank g-d for Beverley who is one of the Wardens there and is amazing.

We raced up there, thankfully it's only around a mile away from where we live, and she was sleeping on the couch and hadn't eaten anything nor taken any of her medication. She wasn't very responsive and when she was she was yelling to leave her alone.  Stacy never yells and this just wasn't her.

It's now 22:11 (yesterday) and we haven't been home long, because I phoned up the doctors to get somebody to come out and see her and luckily enough for me the girl that answered the phone was a friend of mine. Instead of of sending out a doctor Lindsey had my favourite doctor call me.

Dr. Jo called and told me that the hospital had phoned the practice this morning and another doctor (who shall remain nameless but is very lovely) answered the call from the hospital who said that they wanted Stacy to have another blood test either today or tomorrow. Well did she let rip - I wouldn't have liked to have been on the other end of that phone.  She wanted to know why they had discharged her without telling her and why they had discharged her after only being well for one day.

Dr. Jo said to leave it to her.  She phoned up the hospital and told them in no uncertain terms that they had no right discharging her without a proper care package being in place firstly and secondly how could they discharge somebody so ill who had only been okay for one day after being in there for just under two weeks (one day under two weeks).

We followed the ambulance and stayed with Stacy from around 3 this afternoon until we left at around 8:15 this evening because Stacy had been sleeping for a while by then and Dr. Jo had made arrangements for Stacy to go back to AAU (Acute Admissions Unit).

Do you know I think I hate the NHS right now.  They owe my daughter a duty of care and all they are worried about it is the shortage of beds they have and getting the people out of them as fast as possible.  Well, if they hadn't closed down so many hospitals in Hertfordshire, they wouldn't be in the trouble they are in now. Watford General Hospital is the only hospital for miles and miles and it isn't big enough or have enough staff and no wonder it is under Special Measures which means, I think, they aren't doing their jobs properly.  How can they be expected to.

Okay it isn't the NHS I hate it's Hertfordshire County Council for closing hospitals left right and centre, closing schools and building houses on the land - not them but developers.

According to Hertsmere's Statistics there are over 100,000 people living in some of the areas the WFG covers and they have 521 beds!!!!

The caption above, under the small photo of WFG, via Wikipedia says that Hemel Hempstead hospital is a General Hospital but it isn't anymore.  They have closed down the A&E so anyone that goes to A&E at WFG and needs hospitalization goes into one of the 521 beds at Watford.

Where do Hertsmere County Council expect the sick people to go.  WFG is so short of beds it's untrue. And where do they expect the children that have moved to these new houses in Borehamwood and live in all these new houses to go to school?  There isn't enough of either.

There is a CrowdFunding page here
because all Stacy wants is a holiday with us.  Watford General says she can't fly but Hammersmith Hospital says she can.  So who knows.

Love Pxxx

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