Tuesday 12 January 2016

I know it's been a while but ...

.... Stuff sucks!!!

Stacy was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in her small bowel over 20 years ago.  Because of the ineptitude of both Watford General Hospital and some of the doctors and a surgeon there she has so much more wrong with her it is untrue.  Every time she was admitted whether it was a Crohn's attack or a viral infection she was immediately put on intravenous steroids. They just did it ad lib and never told any of us what the downside of this wonder drug could do.


That is horrible!  I am glad you are suing.  We are suing too, for the birth injury.  We are suing the hospital that we went to for non-stress test to make sure baby was ok.  I hope that by taking a suit it will at least create change, even if we don't win.  I bet you hope for the same.

So sorry your dear one has to suffer so.  With Eleni I also wonder about if it would have been better for her not to live this life of suffering.  I feel it has never been my choice, but it will be our choice someday, perhaps, if we choose to let her go when all hope is truly lost.  Sigh.  I do pray that God would take my girl quickly and without fear for her when the time comes.  The other night when she almost died, she looked so afraid.  It was traumatic for both of us.  I hope for an easy passing for yours when the time is right.  Please don't be offended.  Sorry if I speak inappropriately.


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I am so sorry. I had no idea that Eleni won't live for many years. Do you know what caused it? Is there any way of this not happening? I know from what you've written that you are doing everything possible that you can for her. I just feel so bad for you and your family. It's so very hard. The only thing I can tell you is I had a step-sister who had a son and he was born with something wrong with him. Jackie (step-sister) said that had she known he was going to die she would never have put him through the pain of all the operations he had. 

Stacy came out of hospital for 2 1/2 days last week. She had been in there one day short of 8 weeks. They transferred her from the main hospital to a very old wing that had been built in the 1800's as a workhouse and was converted in the 1960's as an Insane Asylum a couple of weeks ago. To say it was bad in there is putting it so mildly it's untrue. 

It appears that she caught an infection in there and was admitted again on Saturday with terrible pains in her legs. They say that they don't know what has caused this but have taken loads of blood samples. She could only have caught the infection in there because she wasn't out long enough to have caught it anywhere else. 

I was so angry that I called up a legal firm yesterday that does no win no fee. There have been a complete catalog of screw ups by the local hospital and doctors from that hospital, that have caused so many other illnesses that were totally preventable and she should never have got. 

The person to whom I spoke yesterday at this law firm said someone would call me back in a couple of days. They called back today and they said they will take her case on. It is very hard to win anything against doctors in this country. A lawyer is calling me next Wto discuss it all. 

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