Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Latest on Stacy ...

Stacy was in Watford General again, but you know this from my last posts.  In their infinite wisdom they moved her from the ward she was on, in the main hospital, to this other word in what was Shrodells Hospital which was built as a workhouse in the 1800s and changed into an Insane Asylum in the 1960's.  A couple of people have said it was a maternity ward but I only heard about it as what it was, but I could be wrong as I so often am.

I have to tell you it was the worst and dirtiest place I have ever seen in my whole life.  She was put there for at least two weeks and was discharged from there a couple of weeks ago, only to be readmitted to AAU two days later with a blood infection she had picked up in Shrodells in which her legs really hurt her.  She was put in isolation for a week and finally got out last Friday.

So she's home again now.  Thank g-d for that and small mercies. They weren't allowed to let her out until some kind of care package was in place.  So that's in place and now she is back in her little flat I'm delighted to say.

She has an appointment with her new Crohn's specialist at the beginning of February and we are going to go with her and see if there is some way when she is taken into Watford General they will transfer her to St. Mary's Hospital in Praed Street which is where Professor Orchard is based.  Yes it it a much longer journey there but we feel that she will be so much better off there.

I have tried, without success, to get a no win no fee firm of solicitors to sue Watford General for all the crap that has happened to Stacy over the years but was told by two firms this week that there is nothing they can do.  So, that's the end of that.  No suing.  No nothing.  Surely they owed her a duty of care.  But apparently that isn't enough and too much damage has been caused over the years.  I would have loved to have sued that hip surgeon who left her hipless for 9 months and the Crohn's doctor who everybody raves about but it's not to be and I have enough stress without any more.

At least last night and the night before I slept all night despite having long naps in the afternoon.  Guess I can blame the MS for this. But I'm sleeping again which is a plus and getting up at a really reasonable time - like 7:30 or 8:00!!!  Yay me!!

Well that's all the news on Stacy for now.  But at least it's way better than it was even a week or two ago I'm delighted to say, though nothing has really changed other than she is out of hospital but everything is the same insofar as her diagnosis is concerned though I really don't want to believe it.


Patricia xxx

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